The Hosts

There will be people who will host each of the different places that Creaction! goes through. They will show the path, the objectives of each Creaction, and will also provide help to the guides if they need it.

Here they are:  

REFLEXIA's Host: Asun Ibáñez

I received my PhD in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Deusto in 2001. Nowadays, I teach at Deusto Business School and since 2010, I am in charge of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. Since the beginning of my academic carreer in 1994, I have taught different courses related to company creation and strategy. I have also been tutoring company creation projects and entrepreneurial attitudes and training dissertations.

What’s more, I am passionate about people, and so in 2011 I was specialized in Orientation, Supervision and Coaching. I discovered a whole new world after that, the self-knowledge and people accompaniment. Therefore, along this journey, I will be REFLEXIA’s Host. 

INSPIRIA's Host: Isabel Fernández

Graduated in Business Management by the University of Deusto in 1994. After finishing school, I started working in different international consulting and strategic consulting companies. I have always been fascinated with organizational changes, people-based organizations and through that experience I have found out that organizations need change-driven people in order to make the change. Therefore, since 2005, my biggest passion has been my job as an iNNoVaNDiS team member at the University of Deusto. Since then, I've worked as university students’ trainer developing their entrepreneurial skills. I am focused on creativity development and personal relationship encouragement.

That is why I am INSPIRIA’s Host in this journey, a place to increase our creativity. 

INNOVANIA's Host: Oier Marigil

Graduated in Business Administration and Marketing Expert from the University of Deusto. I concluded my studies in Syddansk Universitet de Sønderborg (Denmark). I was one of the few students that had the privilege to receive a scholarship to study the iNNoVaNDiS Program. I started my career in innovation and sales areas. I broadened my perspective starting in education and active research in the University of Deusto, as well as developing other professional projects. My motivations have always been around technology and people, as well as how these interactions are managed. 

That is why I will be INNOVANIA’s Host in this journey, a place to understand innovation and build critical thinking from it. 

OPORTUNIA's Host: Paul San Sebastián

Graduated in Business Management by the University of Deusto in 1994, and MBA in IESE by University of Navarra in 1998. After I finished school, I started developing projects for companies and also on my own. In 2000, I created my first company in Internet and since 2004, I combine a pedagogical experience in the University of Deusto with the launch of different projects related with the digital world. In fact, I have always been active and restless and I love looking for the opportunity of improving and opportunities to develop new projects. 

Nowadays, in iNNoVaNDiS I am responsible of the Innovation 360º module, and I also coordinate and coach different projects developed by iNNoVaNDiS students. Last but not least, I coordinate Loyolanet Foundation, which is oriented toward training teachers in order to design and implement new pedagogical methodologies. 

That is why I will be OPORTUNIA’s Host in this journey, a place to learn how to use active observation and identify improvement opportunities and innovation. 

FUTURICA's Host: Regina Arizeta

Graduated in Business Administration by the University of Deusto in 1995. After I finished school, I started working in industrial companies with an international approach, in sales and quality areas. In 2010 I was interested in how to increase autonomy and self-esteem in kids, and after watching a TED Talk, I discovered the Design For Change methodology. That was when I started working as the San Ignacio de Loyola School (Jesuitak Donostia) administrator, as well as implementing the Design For Change project, not only in the school but also in other schools from the Jesuit network through Loyolanet Foundation. 

This is why I will be FUTURICA’s Host in this journey, a place where people will develop a real, change-driven project within their environment in order to increase autonomy and self-esteem. 

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