The journey GUIDE is the person who invites a group of travelers to do the CREACTION! journey. Usually, this person belongs to the same organization that the group belongs to and has previously completed the CREACTION! journey. 

His or her duty and responsbilitiy is to shake and dynamize the group based on his or her previous experience. Thus, he or she will help the travelers solve the questions and doubts that may appear during the journey, as well as instigate the travelers to make the most out of the journey. 

Any person that concludes the journey and receives the diploma has, if they want, the opportunity to become a GUIDE and launch new journeys inviting other people to visit the five places. 

Are you interested in becoming a Guide of a new group of travelers? The first step will be to do the journey by yourself. Every month, Creaction! platform managers will coordinate and launch a new journey for those who want to join it. If you want to join in the next journey, you just need to fill out the following form. Do it here!

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