Creaction! is an online training platform developed by the University of Deusto to foster entrepreneurial skills

In Creaction! we look for people eager to lead projects that bring change in and out of their organizations. It is a hands-on, practical and exciting training that lasts for 16 weeks.

Who is Creaction! for?

Creaction! can provoke big changes in people through it's journey metaphor. But those changes will depend on how much the people are open and willing to change.

Teachers and Students


Teams at Companies and Institutions


Teachers and Students


What are the roles in Creaction!?

Creaction! is a journey that starts when someone invites you to join it and so there are different roles. Do you want to know what these roles are?



Travelers are those who join the journey once they receive an invitation from their Guide.

Although there are individual exercises, the journey is designed to be made simultaneously in a group. Also, there will be a Guide who will keep track the traveler's work. 



The Guide is the person who invites travelers to join Creaction! 

This person has previously completed the journey. Now, he or she will shake and motivate the travelers during their adventure. 



The Hosts are experts from the University of Deusto who have created the Creaction! methodology (meet them here). Also, they will help Guides in their tasks as journey shakers. 

The journey concludes with a final project.

The project will make the change either in or out your organization

Creaction! has a clear practical approach, and the best sample of this is that to conclude the journey, each traveler has to share his or her project following the Design For Change methodology. 

The topic of the projects can be either defined by the Guide or by the same traveler. 

Summing up, if you decide to become a Guide and lead a journey within your organization's team, at the end of the journey you will receive different projects which will try to improve specific aspects of your organization. 

Desing For Change Methodology

Find out how this methodology started:

Desing For Change

Do you want to join Creaction!?

Each month, Creaction! managers launch a journey with those who want to join the adventure. 

If you want to be one, fill out the next form.

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